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IT Security

IT Security

There are no more valuable assets in a company than its data. However, there is still a number of companies that do not have their data secured enough to handle external attacks or data theft from the inside.

The primary element to protect company data is the use of firewalls and antivirus programs, which are able to filter out most of possible attacks coming from the outside.

The basic element to protect company data inside the company is to select a suitable security strategy and to create security policy respecting needs of the company and its employees. An inseparable part of security measures is correct management of access to data based on granted privileges to individual employees. Every access and operation should be monitored and stored. In addition, there is a need introduce binding regulations on taking data outside the company on portable devices, notebooks or external storage media. The solution for such cases is encryption.

Those are only some of the basic security measures. A more complex and sophisticated measures depend on specific requirements of individual companies. If you are interested, we will be glad to identify security risks in your company and propose ways of their elimination.