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Virtualisation is currently one of the most important trends in IT area. This technology brings an effective use of available hardware, easier administration, and lower costs. These qualities stem from the nature of this technology, i.e. integrating more servers (mail, web, file, etc.) running their own separate hardware into one physical server. Allocation of computing power to individual virtual machines according to their present need results in a more effective usage of hardware while lowering energy requirements.

From the administration and security point of view, virtualisation definitely brings a positive effect. Virtual servers can be fully backed up, including data and applications running on them. Such a backup can be retrieved immediately or, in the case of emergency, the whole server can be migrated, which significantly reduces the time of service inaccessibility. Concentration of all servers on one device also reduces requirements for maintenance. Administration then can be done by a lower number of people in shorter time.

If you reckon that this technology could make your servers more effective, we will gladly elaborate a proposal of an ideal solution for your company. Please, do not hesitate and contact us.